Where is Istanbul Naval Museum

Where is Istanbul Naval Museum

Shortly after the Turks entered Anatolia, they met the sea and started their first maritime activities. Of course, after the great progress and strengthening of the Ottoman Empire, the maritime sector has been growing and developing in the same proportion. At that time, the Ottoman Empire, which revealed a lot of maritime products in the Middle Ages, managed to preserve and protect the work in the historical sense. One of the only places where these works are exhibited is the Istanbul Naval Museum. But where is the Istanbul Naval Museum located and where exactly is it located?

Istanbul Naval Museum is now located in Beşiktaş Square area. It is located right next to the Beşiktaş – Kadıköy pier line. For those who want to know its location in more detail, the Istanbul Naval Museum is adjacent to the Historical Dolmabahçe Palace. So why is the Istanbul Naval Museum located in Beşiktaş? Beşiktaş district has a very important place in terms of sea activities of Istanbul. Likewise, Beşiktaş represents a lifeblood for the maritime activities of the Ottoman Empire. In fact, for the importance of Beşiktaş in terms of maritime, Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha, who is considered as one of the greatest sailors of Turkish History, in the historical Beşiktaş Square; There is a statue of the famous Barbaros Pasha. Transportation to Istanbul Naval Museum is quite easy. But Beşiktaş square is struggling with the heavy traffic problem. Therefore, if you go with your own personal vehicle for transportation to the Istanbul Naval Museum, you may stay on the road, not be able to find a place to park, and there may be a possibility that your vehicle can be towed from where you parked. That's why you should choose Istanbul Transfer Companies for transportation to Istanbul Naval Museum.

How much is the Istanbul Naval Museum?

The entrance fee to the Istanbul Naval Museum is free for students and approximately 10 liras for adults. Of course, this pricing is a pricing made by calculating the month of 2020 – September. But the question of how much the Istanbul Naval Museum entrance fee is, may rise in the future.
Istanbul Airport Istanbul Naval Museum Transportation
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Sabiha Gokcen Airport Istanbul Naval Museum Transportation

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